MNE Journal

MNE Journal Vol. 10

The Entry of Japanese Auto-Parts Manufactureres into China and Their Interdependent Behavior in Plant Location Choices

Hideyuki Takenouchi (Sophia University) and Yasuhiro Saito (Oberlin University) (1)

[Research Note]

Infrastructure Business in Asian Emerging Countries: Challenges in the Japanese Companies

Yasuhiro Ezaki (University of Nagasaki) (21)

MNE Journal Vol. 8

[Invited Articles]
Key Research Issues for the International Business Agenda

Peter J. Buckley (Center for International, University of Leeds) (1)

The Importance of Domestic Capabilities for FDI-assisted Development: Lessons from Asia and Latin America

Rajneesh Narula (Henley Business School, University of Reading) (15)

[Research Notes]

European Road Transport Policy and the Activity of ERTRAC

Akio Tokuda (Ritsumeikan University) (39)

Exploration of Global Infrastructure Market by Japanese Corporations: A Case Study of Space Industry

Yasuhiro Ezaki (Saitama University) (67)

The Internationalization of Human Resource Management in Japanese Headquarters

Mikio Maki (Osaka Univeristy), Azusa Ebisuya (Osaka University), and Tomoki Sekiguchi (Osaka University) (93)

MNE Journal Vol. 6

The Relationship between Intangible Investments of Firms and Acquiring Global Brand Value: A Longitudinal Data Analysis of Japanese and US Firms 2000 to 2010.

Hiroyasu Furukawa (PhD candidate, Meiji University) (1)

The Significance of Global Human Resource Management for Knowledge-Intensive Firms.

Tamiko KasaharaUniversity of Shizuokaand Shingo NishiiUniversity of Hyogo (19)

Foreign Business Activities and the Strategic Divestment of Multinational Enterprises: The Foreign Direct Investment and Divestment of Japanese Companies.

Daisuke KoyamaPhD candidate, Kyoto University (43)

The Mechanism of Late Mover Advantage in the Electronic Device Industry: A Case Study on the LCD industry.

Hiroyuki NaganoUniversity of Hyogo,Syuichi Ishida and Kiminori GenbaRitsumeikan University (63)

The Network Structure View of Global Markets: Theoretical Basis and Some Propositions.

Tetsuya UsuiNihon University (87)

Research Notes

The Euro Crisis and the Great Instability of the Global Economy.

Motomichi IkawaGraduate School of Business, Nihon University (103)

The Impact of Local Environmental Factors on Subsidiary Evolution and the Role of its Headquarters: A Case Study of Malaysia Matsushita from the View Point of the J. Birkinshaw’s Theory.

Yoshihiro MatsukawaPhD candidate, University of Hyogo (129)

Book Review

Grazia Ietto-Gillies (2012) Transnational Corporations and International Production: Concepts, Theories and Effects

Masahiro IdaHannan University (151)


MNE Journal Vol. 5

Invited Articles

The Theory of the Multinational Enterprise from a Supply Chain Perspective.

Mark CassonUniversity of Reading(1)

Reconsidering Emerging Markets as Business Locations.

Masakazu ImaiSenshu University (19)

The Significance of BOP Business.

Yoshihiro OishiMeiji University (39)

Case: Grameen Yukiguni Maitake.

Hiroshi HoshinoKyushu University (55)

Research Notes
Joint Venture Management in Southeast Asia: Matsushita Electric Industrial in Thailand, 1961 to 1984.

Junya FujitaHiroshima University of Economics (77)


An Exploratory Analysis of the Internationalization Process of Singaporean Small and Medium Enterprises Manufacturers’ Business Relationships.

Satoshi YamamotoTokyo Keizai University (117)


MNE Journal Vol. 4

Invited Articles
Home-base-augmenting of Overseas R&D and Collaborations with Local Universities.

Kazuhiro AsakawaKeio University (1)

Cross-border M&A Strategy of Latecomers.

Huang LinKobe Universityand Cho HanPhD candidate, Kobe University (11)

The Challenge of BOP Business: Towards Fusing the Business Strategy and the Development Strategy.

 Hideyuki SugawaraHokkai Gakuen University (33)

Concept and Reality of the Base of the Economic Pyramid: What Do we Know of the Adequate Standpoints of BOP Business Studies?

Kenichi Yasumuro (Osaka University of Commerce) (43)

Current and New Trends in Global R&D Studies: A Verification of the Geographic Distribution of R&D Investment by 17 Multinationals.

Tomokazu SekiRikkyo University (63)

Chinese Home Appliance Manufacturer’s Channel Expansion in Rural Chinese Markets: The Case of Haier.

 Wuga TekiPhD candidate, University of Hyogo (81)

New Deployment of Open Innovation Policy in the European Union: Case of the Joint Technology Initiative ARTEMIS.

Akio TokudaRitsumeikan University (99)

Animosity, Materialism, and Consumer Guilt: Korean Consumers’ Evaluation of Japanese Products.

Kyonte LeeToyo University (119)

An Analysis of the Determinants of Corporate Value (CV) of Chinese Automobile Manufacturers: In search of Both the Strengthening Effect and the Stabilizing Effect of Corporate Brand Value on CV.

 Lin LeePhD candidate, Kuwansei Gakuin University (139)

MNE Journal Vol. 2


Kenichi Yasumuro (Osaka University of Commerce) (1)

Invited Articles 

In Search of New Theories of Multinational Enterprises.

Kenichi Yasumuro (Osaka University of Commerce) (3)

A Study on Organizational Capabilities for the Multinationalization of MNEs in Developing Countries.

Yoshinori YasudaTokyo Fuji University (21)

Research Notes 
Inward and Outward Foreign Direct Investment of BRICs Countries and Multinational Enterprises Based in BRICs countries.

Shigeki Tejima Nishogakusha University (45)


MNE Journal Vol. 1


Kenichi Yasumuro (University of Hyogo) (1)

Invited Articles 
Internationalization and Business Performance of Japanese Corporations.

Noritake Kobayashi, Professor emeritus, Keio University (9)

A Study on the Formation of Standards through Global Competition by Multinationals.

Shiro Takeda, Professor emeritus, Yokohama National University (31)

A Study on the Multinationalization of Indian Software Companies.

Yoshihiro Oishi (Meiji University) and Yoshinori YasudaTokyo Fuji University (49)

An Acceleration of Regional Economic Integration and its Effect on Economic Welfare.

Hiroyuki NishiyamaUniversity of Hyogo (71)

Research Notes 

Branding of a Multinational Automobile Company: A Case Study of Lexus in the U.S.

Michiru UekiPhD candidate, Meiji University (87)

“Global Tourism Education” as a Competitive Advantage of the Hotel Industry:

An Analysis of Global Education at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University SHTM.

Yukisi JiaPhD candidate, University of Hyogo (103)